Vampires, Valentine’s Day, and the Alternate uses of Kitchen Gadgets V””V

So it is February 14th.  Valentine’s Day, or as a wonderful internet post described it “unimaginative, consumer-orientated, and entirely arbitrary, manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance day”.  Yes I think that sums up the Hallmark holiday pretty well.  It amuses me that in a world where people are too scared to mention “Christmas” and instead refer to “Holidays” they have no problem wishing you a happy Valentine’s day.  I then derive great pleasure for telling them actually I celebrate the massacre!! Tends to leave people speechless but then the same wonderful man, while we were shopping for various kitchen gadgets held one up and said to me “this would be great for picking up a ham …….. or murdering someone”.  Yes I guess our relationship is a little dysfunctional, especially if you consider our 2 teenage children were there and neither battered an eyelash at said comment.

So back to V-Day.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-romance.  I am anti a society that tells me on this day we are SUPPOSED to be romantic.  Well excuse me but doesn’t that slightly defeat the whole object of it and remove ANY real meaning from any gesture received on said day?  I am very lucky that my husband understands how I feel and celebrates our love ALL YEAR … as and when it suits US and not because the calendar says today you must spend too much money on stuff you don’t mean. So you would think that this would mean my house was like the anti-valentine place but in fact it is not.  Scattered around you will see a HUGE heart with feet (This year’s addition), a big purple gorilla holding a heart, a singing balloon, and various other accumulated things that my husband has purchased for me because they amuse him …. they just weren’t given to me on Valentine’s day.  They were given because he saw them, thought of me and shared.  The singing balloon was an ode to an American Idol contestant I was a little obsessed with there for a while and is perhaps one of my favorite things ever.

My husband knows how to win my heart …. he took me out this weekend to go on a massive spending spree at my favorite book store with gift cards that he won at work.  He knows that 2nd to vampires my heart belongs to books.  I adore perusing the shelves of bookstores for new additions for my collection.  Add to the bookstore a coffee shop and for me it is pure Nirvana.  This week I managed to order an 18th Century gothic novel in its original French so Happy V Day to me!!! Plus I acquired several other vampire books both fiction and non-fiction so now I sit an eagerly await the postman to deliver my goodies non of which have flowers or chocolate attached!!


ps. Originally drafted on Valentine’s Day …. published later due to health issues interferring.


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