The Real World Is Not As Vamp-Centric As I Feared …….. V””V

At first glance the world today seems to be filled with vampyric offerings and a general feeling that vampires are no longer the domain of the slightly weird, outcast emo goth teenagers that they were once perceived to be.  With Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and even some of the more adult based shows such as True Blood have introduced vampires into the mainstream as never before.  Books are springing up as paranormal romance jumps to an all time high and the “vegetarian” vampire who only drink from animals or bottled synthetic blood are making these dark creatures more accessible to everyday people than ever.  You can’t turn around without seeing a “TEAM” T-shirt.  So where does this leave the REAL vampire lovers? Those of us that crave and adore the darkness and the destruction, the hidden evil that walks among us, the monster, the demon, the fantasy killer.

Well fear not because as “comfortable” as the world would like to think it is with the creatures of the night, when they come face to face with something a little “different” they revert to their true state … that of fear and confusion ….. the knowledge that vampires are in fact death and not sparkly adorable teenagers who chase down deer for dinner.

This weekend I was feeling particularly vampy (those of you that know me from reality will know that this is not that unusual) so fully vamped out I left the confines of my dwelling to do “normal” everyday stuff (visit Starbucks, hit the grocery store … take the kids to Chuck E Cheeses ….) and was amazed (and thrilled) at the reactions I received.  As a side note I would like to point out that my God-children  (4 and 6 thought I looked beautiful … no fear from them ….. and my friends told me I was sexy … always fun …. and my husband … well lets just say I KNOW he liked it … even though he made me retract the fangs prior to the Chuck E Cheese visit lol).

First stop was Starbucks where one barista literally ran to the back room and the other completely refused to make eye contact with me even though I was the one placing the order and he would only look at my friend.  Particularly loved the shaking hand as he reached to take the money.  Of course it probably didn’t help that Starbucks is featuring a collection of ridiculously tiny, mini food snacks and when I asked what the deal was with that my friend Brandi said, without missing a beat, those are for the tea-cup humans!! Yes my friends and I live in a world where EVERYTHING can be linked to vampires!!

After Starbucks we headed to the local grocery store and the fun continued.  From the girl who backed away from the ATM  so that we could go first (and then cowered away from us on a bench), to the shoppers that couldn’t decide whether to stare or run (most opted for just moving away … far, far away), to the checkout girl who refused to meet my eye.  Yes my readers the world is not as comfortable with vampires as it would like us to believe.  It is hard to decide what was my favorite moment while grocery shopping ….. the guy that walked past 3 times staring as we waited to pay (until I glared at him and ran my tongue over my fangs and he ran so fast I thought my friend Brandi was going to pee her pants before she paid), or the people in the parking lot hiding behind their cars and ducking out the way whilst scanning continuously for the hidden cameras and the chance that they might make it on TV.  Hilarious!!

But wait … the fun doesn’t end there. Once my adoring husband returned from work we, together with our friends Brandi and Sarah, took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. (Click HERE to see what Chuck E Cheese is if you are not familiar with it.) Now those of you that have read Jeaniene Frost will know that Chuck E Cheese and Vampires do not have to be separated.  In fact there were many comments passed around our table regarding silver throwing stars and a certain giant mouse (Night Huntress is REQUIRED reading to understand that ….) but I digress …… so off to Mouseville (Or as I nicknamed it HELL) with Fangs retracted (*sigh* …. My husband really does like children and I see his point I suppose that it is MEANT to be a child’s type place) …. to get my amusement by seeing how many people I could freak out in this supposed Twilight adoring, vampire loving world we now live in.  The answer was A LOT :D!!!.  Almost as soon as we entered I was rewarded by a child running and hiding in his fathers arms much to Sarah’s amusement.  Adults generally avoided me or tried to sneak glances without appearing to, children for the most part ran away but there were exceptions.  A particularly beautiful girl of perhaps 5 or 6 kept smiling shyly at me as she stood by her mother, I think she will grow up to be a vamp fan, and a child of perhaps a year at the table next to us rewarded me with a smile despite his parents obvious unamusement.

They were, fortunately, in the minority and the fact that I made a child cry filled my heart with joy .. yes I am evil but so is that place!!! If I never have to go again that will work for me! I am not sure which thrilled me the most .. the frightened  children or the obvious fear of the grown ups who should know better.  One brave man did take a picture, without permission, but the trying to hide what he was doing rather than asking belied his attempt at a brave appearance and provided much amusement at our table.

In summation the world I am glad to report is not as in love with vampires as I feared.  They remain sacred and feared by the majority despite the fake love and devotion the wannabees confess too.  When the possibility of a vampire confronts them, most will flee from the killer that deep down in their subconscious they recognize is a vampire’s true nature and no amount of sparkles can replace that knowledge.


Me – this weekend V””V


Chaos Is What Killed The Dinosaurs Darling!!!! V””V

“Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs Darling” is possibly one of my favorite lines from the cult classic, dark comedy, Heathers featuring a young Christian Slater as a bad boy from a severely dysfunctional background that kills off the popular kids in school making it look like a series of suicides.

Whilst this in itself amuses the hell out of me the movie does, in spite of the fact it is 20 years old, address issues that are all so relevent in today’s schools.  Bullying.  Although now it is all about cyber bullying and how “words can hurt”.  Now I am probably going to upset a lot of people, but really if you ask me this is a situation that schools themselves have created.  All children ARE NOT EQUAL any more than all adults are and the sooner they learn this and deal with the fact the better adjusted they will be.  Schools create this “everyone is a winner” philosophy with no competitions so they have no losers and then wonder why as teenagers these children suddenly feel rejected and unable to cope with the world.

Well my readers the world in general SUCKS!! Life is NOT fair ….. you are not going to get everything you want and people are going to be MEAN.  At least with this cyber bullying you can just TURN OFF THE COMPUTER and not have to see it.  Instead of pandering to all these crying children we should be teaching them that it is OK to be different.  I went through school revelling in the fact that I was an outcast.  I never cared what people said, I never dressed how they wanted, or listened to what they thought was “IN”.  I lived in my vamp obsessed world long before popular culture dragged vampires kicking and screaming, sparkling into the daylight.  I dealt with mean comments by being so different that people were scared of me.  Yes they whispered in corridors and made their little jokes about how weird I was but each one I took as a compliment and they had no idea how to deal with that.

In many ways I have my father to thank for this.  He raised me to be me. To understand that I would not be the best at everything and sometimes I would lose but I should always go down fighting and to this day that is the mantra I live by and it is how I raise my children.  To not be afraid if their opinion doesn’t match those around them but to stick with it even if sometimes they are going to be wrong.  At least they HAVE their own opinion and will not be raised as sheep!

Which leads me nicely to my next little observation that was drawn to my attention by a long time friend who also lives in the weirdness that is outside the norm.  American TV and its insane censorship laws.  The land that has the biggest porn industry has the most ridiculous censorship laws ever.  Perhaps the most ridiculous being the censoring of the word “God” in the context of “God Damn it” …… do they really think that leaving that second of muted space fools anybody?  In fact it often has children asking what they are censoring with them being far more accustomed to much stronger cuss words being removed.  I really question why some channels even bother showing certain movies as they are edited to almost beyond recognition.  If they are not appropriate to show at that time then show them later, or leave them to cable channels where the odd swear word is acceptable…just make sure anyone having sex remembers to keep their underwear on ;).

This is why I love my vampires so.  Try as they might to hide who they are (or in their better cases they don’t try at all), their true nature always wins out in the end and it is that nature that I love and I always will.  How Very!! *Mwah*


Heathers Screen Cap

Vampires, Valentine’s Day, and the Alternate uses of Kitchen Gadgets V””V

So it is February 14th.  Valentine’s Day, or as a wonderful internet post described it “unimaginative, consumer-orientated, and entirely arbitrary, manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance day”.  Yes I think that sums up the Hallmark holiday pretty well.  It amuses me that in a world where people are too scared to mention “Christmas” and instead refer to “Holidays” they have no problem wishing you a happy Valentine’s day.  I then derive great pleasure for telling them actually I celebrate the massacre!! Tends to leave people speechless but then the same wonderful man, while we were shopping for various kitchen gadgets held one up and said to me “this would be great for picking up a ham …….. or murdering someone”.  Yes I guess our relationship is a little dysfunctional, especially if you consider our 2 teenage children were there and neither battered an eyelash at said comment.

So back to V-Day.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-romance.  I am anti a society that tells me on this day we are SUPPOSED to be romantic.  Well excuse me but doesn’t that slightly defeat the whole object of it and remove ANY real meaning from any gesture received on said day?  I am very lucky that my husband understands how I feel and celebrates our love ALL YEAR … as and when it suits US and not because the calendar says today you must spend too much money on stuff you don’t mean. So you would think that this would mean my house was like the anti-valentine place but in fact it is not.  Scattered around you will see a HUGE heart with feet (This year’s addition), a big purple gorilla holding a heart, a singing balloon, and various other accumulated things that my husband has purchased for me because they amuse him …. they just weren’t given to me on Valentine’s day.  They were given because he saw them, thought of me and shared.  The singing balloon was an ode to an American Idol contestant I was a little obsessed with there for a while and is perhaps one of my favorite things ever.

My husband knows how to win my heart …. he took me out this weekend to go on a massive spending spree at my favorite book store with gift cards that he won at work.  He knows that 2nd to vampires my heart belongs to books.  I adore perusing the shelves of bookstores for new additions for my collection.  Add to the bookstore a coffee shop and for me it is pure Nirvana.  This week I managed to order an 18th Century gothic novel in its original French so Happy V Day to me!!! Plus I acquired several other vampire books both fiction and non-fiction so now I sit an eagerly await the postman to deliver my goodies non of which have flowers or chocolate attached!!


ps. Originally drafted on Valentine’s Day …. published later due to health issues interferring.

Bitten, Box Tunnel 20, and Bad Late Night TV V””V

Have you ever had a night where you go from one extreme to the other?  Well that was my tv viewing last night!  Things started off great when I randomly flicked through channels to suddenly come face to face with Mitchell in Being Human on my gorgeous 60 inch flat screen completely annihilating a train carriage full of innocent passengers and then heading home covered in the remains of the carnage to have bloody sex with his partner in crime, and my alter ego Daisy.  Fangtastic in the extreme!!  Of course I own these on DVD and this episode is available any time for streaming on Netflix but that didn’t stop my squeals of excitement and immediate texting to Lauren to share that IT WAS ON TV.  Hmmmmm obsessed much???  Luckily for me my husband was not home from work yet because whilst he happily embraces my dark vampyric love ,even down to being able to participate in some very random and strange discussion, he has, for some reason, an absolute hatred of the Vampire Mitchell, referring to him constantly as a crying, whining, poor excuse for a vamp.  Well what can I say … he’s not perfect …. but he’s hot, sexy, and he bites …. oh and yes that is my husband I was talking about although reading it back  it could be easily applied to Mitchell too!

So with that over and done with it was an evening of generally uninteresting tv until about midnight and I decided I wanted to watch a movie.  Well movie, midnight, and cable equals a basic mediocre soft porn equivalent of a vampire movie.  It was BAD but yes I watched it all because it had the word VAMPIRE in the description.  The movie, should anyone care to avoid it (or watch it if you want to see a REALLY bad boob job), is called Bitten.  It stars (if you can call it “starring”)  Jason Mewes and Erica Cox with the former being a paramedic who “rescues” Danika (Erica) the “Victim” who actually turns out to be a vampire.  Cue some poorly lit soft porn type scenes and very messy feedings – seriously – if this girl tried DRINKING some of the blood when she bit these people maybe she wouldn’t be so hungry all the time and spend at least half the movie looking like a junkie going through withdrawal. Between that and the bad, very distracting I might add, boob job this was not a good movie ….. and as my husband rightly said it was cheesy and pathetic even taking into account my love of vampires and naked people in general.  Even after some pretty heavy girl on girl action he decided he couldn’t stand to watch any more and turned over to go to sleep.  In hindsight I probably should have done the same thing but once I started watching I felt compelled to finish it.  Well the end SUCKED too so other than giving me something else to talk about today it was really pointless.  Hmmm on second thoughts just the fact that it gave me something to blabber on about may have made it worth while 😀


Lestat, Blogging, and My Failure To Communicate With Technology V””V

So I sign in today and see that noone has read what I wrote yesterday …. which is fine ….. until I realize that I didn’t actually PUBLISH what I had written *Sigh*!!! Yet another example of how me and technology fail to communicate on a regular basis. 

Another example of such failure occurred when I asked a friend to create a vampire collage with a collection of pictures I sent her to decorate the lovely blog I was creating only to discover that the “template” I had selected doesn’t allow for a banner to be posted.  Luckily she is going to do the “research” part for me and work out what I should change this too and until then it will just be me, my musings, and whatever pictures I choose to post within the various blog posts (Thank you Jaime *Mwah*).

Now to my main focus of today. Lestat.  The Original Brat Prince, and my first true vampire love.  With Anne Rice’s announcement this week that “Tale Of The Body Thief” has had the movie rights picked up my thoughts of who should play Lestat on the big screen have once again been harnessed and yet again I have failed to come up with an answer.  Previous renditions by Tom Cruise and Stuart Townsend have failed to fully embrace all the aspects that I imagine when it comes to my beautiful, blonde haired vamp.

A scouring on the internet found an article where Anne herself suggested Robert Downey Jnr for the role but this is not working for me.  A suggestion on a fan page where I posed the same question resulted in the question of possibly casting an unknown?  This so far seems to be perhaps the best option in my thoughts as no actor for me seems to complete the full package.  I wonder if sometimes as much as we all scream for screen adaptations of our beloved characters it would be more gratifying in the long run if they remained trapped in their pages and our imaginations.


Image found on – Monsters vs Aristocrats

Welcome To My World

So it’s 3 am and as usual I am awake and so I made the decision that I would create (mainly for my amusement) a blog where I can share my thoughts and strange musings about my vampyric obsessed life with anyone who cares to read it (Probably me and a couple of friends, my Lovely Lauren for example I know will join me here!).  Whatever happens I will know that my thoughts are out there even if it is for very limited enjoyment…. I will enjoy it and that works for me!

Who know’s how often I will feel the need to come in and share things.  Maybe a couple of times a week. maybe everyday if I am feeling good, maybe never again.  Writing is freedom.  I don’t pretend anyone will understand this or even care but for anyone choosing to join me – I thank you and welcome any comments.

For those that don’t know me, as the illustrious Vampire Lestat would say, let me introduce myself.  I am a self confessed, totally obsessed Vampire Loving Dork.  I am a geek and I am strange.  I live in a world that my friends would argue perches precariously on the edge of not being connected to realty.  On some days I would say that it even crosses into delusional.  But I care not.  I am happy here.  It’s dark and chaotic and feels like home.

My tastes and thoughts run deeply into the macabre.  A lot of things I say should probably remain inside my head but this rarely happens.  I am very blessed to have found a man that not only accepts this insane side of me but actually loves me because of, rather than inspite of it.  He recently told me that he knew I was weird when he married me and he never expected me to change. Between him and a couple of amazing friends I am lucky to live supported in my musings with discussions that would probably make most people very uncomfortable if not a little afraid but that’s OK.  I don’t bite … unless you ask me too ………………………………….